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When you visit Delray Beach, Florida, there are many things that you can do. There are art galleries, museums, markets, beaches, and even parks that you can enjoy. You can make sure that you take advantage of all of the things that you want to see during your trip.

Art galleries

Delray Beach is a charming beach town located between Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, Florida. It is known for its inviting weather and lively main street. In addition to its natural beauty and pristine beaches, this South Florida coastal town also offers a vibrant arts scene. Several museums and art galleries are available to visitors.

The Cornell Art Museum is a premier place to view provocative contemporary artwork by internationally recognized artists. Its displays are housed in a historic 1913 building in Delray Beach. This building was restored to preserve its original atrium and tall windows.

Founded in 1990, the Cornell Art Museum is named after two local residents, Harriet W. and George D. Cornell. They had a passion for art, and founded the museum to bring contemporary and innovative art to the larger community of Delray Beach.

Downtown Delray Beach has many fine art galleries and cultural organizations. One of the most popular is the Arts Garage. Aside from its extensive collection of artwork, the Arts Garage hosts live music performances, comedy shows, and arts education programs.

The Delray Beach Public Library also boasts an art directory. Designed by Alyson Walzer, this guide highlights the artistic side of the city. There are also two districts in Delray Beach, the Pineapple Grove and West Settlers, that are filled with art galleries and studios. These two districts are also home to several restaurants and shops.

The Pineapple Grove Arts District is located near Atlantic Avenue and is home to several art galleries and shops. The district also includes salons and spas.

Delray Beach has a year-round arts and culture scene. In addition to the museums and art galleries, there are several theaters and clubs. Visitors can also take advantage of Restaurant Month, which features culinary deals. Many of the restaurants are located on or close to Atlantic Avenue, which is one of the town’s main thoroughfares. Several historical buildings have been converted into boutiques and cafes.

Delray Beach is one of the most fun places to visit in the United States. Rand McNally named it the “Most Fun Small Town in the USA.” Visit Delray Beach and enjoy its charm and history.

Sandoway Discovery Center

The Sandoway Discovery Center in Delray Beach, Florida is a nonprofit, nature center that focuses on the native coastal environment of Florida. This center offers visitors a chance to see live sharks, alligators, snakes, turtles, and other native creatures. Also on display are hands-on exhibits about the area’s marine life.

The first floor has a small gift shop. The center also has an animal meet and greet program. There are also special events, such as guided beach walks, and outreach programs. The center’s mission is to inspire and educate the public about the natural world.

On the grounds of the Sandoway House are several awe-inspiring sights. For starters, there is a world-class shell collection. Albert and Ann Becker, who lived in La Cross, Wisconsin, began collecting seashells in 1953. They eventually amassed a staggering 10,000 shells. After their deaths, the collection passed to Linda Becker Dean, who researched the best place to house it.

One of the largest attractions is the aquarium. It features an interactive exhibit, a nocturnal room, and a learning center. Visitors will also be treated to an assortment of beautiful fish, including a variety of colorful reef fish.

While at the Sandoway Discovery Center, be sure to check out the Discovery Porch, which is an old-fashioned porch that leads to the nature center. Here you can observe a variety of native Florida animals, including a yellow-bellied slider turtle.

Another must-see is the Hexagon Aquarium, which is home to some of the most beautiful reef fish in South Florida. This aquarium also features a touch tank where you can view a sting ray. If you have young children, be sure to check out the children’s activity room.

The Sandoway Discovery Center is open Tuesdays through Saturdays. Admission is $6 for kids three and older, and parking is free. You can even take a tour. Visit today to discover all the wonders of the ocean! Located at 142 S. Ocean Blvd., the center is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Several of the center’s staff members are very friendly and eager to answer your questions.

Delray Beach Market

Delray Beach is a unique urban beach town with a great deal to offer visitors. This area of Florida is home to beautiful beaches, unique hotels and a variety of cool events. The new Delray Marketplace is a retail, dining and entertainment destination that is sure to please.

Located at the corner of SE Third Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, the market has over 150,000 square feet of space and 25 eateries. From burgers and tacos to over-the-top ice cream creations, you are sure to find something to satisfy your craving. Plus, the market is cashless and has free WiFi. Aside from the standard food vendors, the market boasts an upscale sporting lounge and bowling alley. In the coming months, the market will also add fine dining, a community amphitheatre and the best part – an indoor skateboard park.

On the main level of the market you’ll find a large craft beer bar that features some of the state’s finest brews. The mezzanine level has an open kitchen and an extra bar. It’s also a great place to hold an intimate meeting or to sample one of the many cool cocktails that have become popular in recent years.

One of the most impressive aspects of the market is the “Ride Freebee” shuttle that takes patrons to and from the market in a convenient and environmentally friendly manner. The Ride Freebee is free and runs daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Riders can catch a ride from the market or from the adjacent Delray Beach Pavilion @ Atlantic & A1A.

While you’re at the market, don’t forget to check out the large-scale mural by local artist Darren Bissonnette. Not only does the mural stand out, it’s also the largest of its kind in the county. Located on the south side of the building, the mural features three lions and is sure to get heads turning. Also, the e-mail signup program allows customers to receive news, discounts and offers. You’ll also have a choice of a variety of restaurants, bistros, and other shops.

There’s even a fun photo activation you won’t want to miss.

Atlantic Dunes Park

Atlantic Dunes Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in Delray Beach, Florida. It offers a wide range of outdoor activities. You can enjoy beach combing, swimming, walking, biking, and picnicking. Located just south of the A1A, Atlantic Dunes Park is a great place to relax and unwind.

The beach in Atlantic Dunes Park is supervised by a lifeguard. The park has a 300-foot nature trail that runs along the dunes. This trail allows visitors to see many different types of birds and wildlife.

There are a number of peaks in the park. When it is crowded, it can be difficult to find a parking space. However, you can use bulk parking or a handicapped parking spot near the park.

Atlantic Dunes Park is free to enter. You can also rent a pavilion. If you need to use a restroom, there are public restrooms at the beach. Other amenities include a basketball court, a volleyball court, and picnic tables.

If you’re interested in bird watching, you can look for birds around the entrance of the beach or on the sand. If you want to take a break from the sun, there’s a hammock available.

One of the things that make Atlantic Dunes Park unique is the nature trail. This trail runs along the top of the dune. Throughout the dune, you can see many different types of wildflowers and birds.

Despite the beauty of Atlantic Dunes Park, it is sometimes affected by salt water and stormwater. These conditions can limit the use of the park. For this reason, the City of Delray Beach has launched a project to improve the park’s coastal dune ecosystem. As part of the project, invasive exotic plant species will be removed.

Although Atlantic Dunes Beach is not as large as other Florida beaches, it does offer ample room for you to relax. Lifeguards supervise the beach, and you can even hire a surf chair if you’re physically challenged. Several shops and restaurants are located on Atlantic Avenue.

The Atlantic Dunes Park in Delray Beach is a hidden gem. Enjoy its large, scenic beach.

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